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Long hair on men
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Long hair on men has been a fashion statement throughout history, but it has also been associated with cultural and social significance. Men have worn long hair for a variety of reasons, from religious beliefs and traditions to rebellion against societal norms and conventions. Let’s take a closer look at when men have worn long hair throughout history.

Ancient Times:

In ancient times, long hair was often associated with strength and power. In many cultures, such as the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, long hair was a sign of nobility, while shorter hair was associated with the working class. In ancient Rome, men with long hair were often seen as barbarians and outsiders.

Medieval Times:

During medieval times, long hair was popular among both men and women. It was often worn as a symbol of wealth and status. The nobility would wear elaborate hairstyles that were highly stylized and required a lot of maintenance.


The Renaissance was a time of great artistic and cultural growth in Europe, and long hair was a popular fashion statement among men. In Italy, men often wore their hair long and curly, while in England, long hair was associated with the Puritan movement and was seen as a sign of piety and devotion to God.

18th and 19th Centuries:

In the 18th and 19th centuries, men’s hairstyles became more subdued, and short hair was the norm. However, long hair continued to be popular among certain subcultures, such as the Romantic poets and artists.


The 1960s marked a time of rebellion against traditional values, and long hair became a symbol of counterculture. Men wore their hair long and unkempt as a way to rebel against the establishment.

Present Day:

Today, men’s hairstyles are diverse and varied, and long hair is just one of many options. Long hair has become more mainstream, and many men wear their hair long for fashion reasons rather than cultural or societal significance.

In conclusion, men have worn long hair throughout history for various reasons, including cultural and religious beliefs, fashion, and rebellion. While long hair may have fallen in and out of fashion over the years, it has remained a symbol of individuality and personal expression.